Here are frequently asked questions we receive about our work.

Will redlines be accepted on the Confidentiality Agreement?

Yes, redlines will be accepted on the Confidentiality Agreement. We would kindly ask you to provide a track changes version of the document as well as a clean version to ease our review process of the proposed changes. 

Are Confidentiality Agreements expected to be fully executed by January 31st, 2023?

Ideally, we would have a fully executed Confidentiality Agreement by 01/31/2023; however, we understand that it may take time to review and agree upon redlines.  We will work with respondents beyond the 31st as necessary provided they have submitted a signed, redlined version of the agreement on or before 01/31/2023.  Please note, you will not have access to Term Sheets prior to the execution of the Confidentiality Agreement.

When will I receive feedback on my redlined Confidentiality Agreement?

We will review and provide feedback as soon as practical.

Will Term Sheets be shared with Respondents?

Yes, Term Sheets will be made available to Respondents upon full execution of the Confidentiality Agreement.

My Confidentiality Agreement has been executed. When will I have access to Term Sheets?

We will review and provide Term Sheets by no later than 02/07/2023, prior to the Pre-Bid Conference.

Are redlined versions of Term Sheets and PPAs due at the time of bid submittal?

Redlines of the PPA & BTA term sheets are expected to be included with bid submittal but could impact the scoring based upon the extent of the impact of the changes to the financial viability for the project to move forward. Further reviews and negotiation of these contracts would occur during the short-list phase of the RFP. You will have access to these documents upon full execution of the Confidentiality Agreement.

Where can I find more information on the evaluation process?

Please reference section 5 of the RFP for additional details on the evaluation process.

Is the 1,240 MW to be procured in this RFP referring to nameplate or accredited capacity?

The 1,240 MW to be procured is referring to the nameplate capacity; however, accredited capacity will be a component of the overall project evaluation. Please refer to section 5.1.1 of the RFP document for additional details. 

Are there any point of delivery requirements?

Please reference section 3.1.5 of the RFP document for additional details on project location requirements. Projects that are within the scope of this RFP and interconnect to the SPP will be considered, even if they are located outside of Evergy's service territory. 

Should accompanying PPA offers be delivered to a particular load zone or are busbar offers accepted?

All projects that are within the scope of this RFP and interconnect to the SPP will be considered, including busbar offers.

What if cold weather packages are not applicable to my project?

If cold weather packages are not applicable to your project type, you need not provide information. Please reference the Appendices for all requested project metrics. Appendix D - Technical Data Form will be amended to include additional questions about cold weather packages in the "Wind" tab. 

What is meant by "guaranteed" energy in Appendix C?

Please provide annual P50 estimates for energy delivered to the grid in Appendix C -Economic Data Form. The form will be amended to accommodate this change in language. 

The Pre-Qualification form asks if the bid includes a cold weather package. Cold weather packages do not apply to my project, but the drop down does not include a not applicable option. What should I select?

The Pre-Qualification form does only provide two options for cold weather package.  Appendix D requests additional information on applicable project types.  If a cold weather package does not fit your project.  A "No" answer on the Pre-Qualification form is appropriate.

Do the appendices request all project information needed for your evaluation?

Information provided in all appendices will be used in our evaluation.  We may need to request additional information / clarification from Respondents as we conduct our analysis.

Are Evergy's cyber security requirements listed in the RFP materials or in a separate location that I can access?

These requirements are not yet detailed as the application of the requirements may vary depending on the technology used. Evergy will work with the bidders during the Short List phase to ensure cyber security requirements are met for the proposed projects. 

Some rows of the appendices are blacked out. What does this mean?

Rows that are blacked out indicate that a specific line item is not applicable to a Respondent's project.  They are controlled by project specific inputs.  Please begin filling your form out from top to bottom and blacked out lines should update accordingly.

Where can I find the link to the Pre-Bid Conference?

The link has been shared on the RFP home page, but you can also access it below.
Pre-Bid Conference Link

When will I be notified if my project has pre-qualified for the RFP?

Projects that have pre-qualified will be confirmed by 2/10/2023.

I was unable to attend the Pre-Bid Conference. Will any meeting materials be provided for review?

Yes, slides and official Q&A responses will be posted to the RFP website.

Where can I find the Pre-Bid Conference meeting materials and official Q&A responses?

The slide deck and official Q&A responses have been added to the Download Documents page.  You will find links to the Download Documents page on the RFP website Home page and below.

Pre-Bid Conference - Slides and Official Q&A

Where can I find project visual impact requirements?

Visual impact requirements are project specific and typically under the jurisdiction of a local permitting authority.  It is up to Respondents to understand if their project is subject to and meets all requirements set forth.

Is a parental guarantee, surety bond or letter of credit required for the RFP submission?

While a parental guarantee, surety bond, or letter of credit are not required for bid submission they will be considered in the scoring process and are highly recommended.

Will Evergy accept Term Sheet redlines as part of the RFP submission?

Yes, please include Term Sheet redlines with your submission. The quantity and significance of the redlines will be considered during the scoring process.

What does the bid fee cover, and can you provide an example of how I can calculate my total bid fee?

The bid fee, $5,000, covers a base bid with an ownership structure plus an accompanying PPA for the same project. 

Let's assume a Respondent plans to offer the following resources into the RFP:

  • Renewable (BTA & PPA options)
  • Renewable + Storage (BTA & PPA options)
  • Standalone Storage (BTA & PPA options)

In this example, the Respondent is offering three separate projects, one renewable only, one renewable + storage, and one standalone storage.  Because they are offering three separate projects, they would be required to pay a total of $15,000.  

I am submitting an offer for a hybrid project. How do I determine my liquidated damages requirement?

You should base your LD requirement off of the gross project size.  For example, if you submit a 50 MW Renewable + 50 MW Storage project, you would calculate your LD requirement using 100 MW.

In Appendix C, what should I report in the Projected Annual Energy Delivered to Grid field if I am submitting a hybrid project?

The reported number should only include energy available and output to the grid after all losses are assessed.

The RFP document and Appendix E appear to list different values for liquidated damages. Which should I use?

Please use the values from the RFP document (the greater of $15M or $5M/50 MW nameplate capacity, pg. 13).  An updated version of Appendix E is now available for download on the Download Documents tab.

Appendix D's General Information tab asks the following question: "Does this project utilize natural / biological resources?" Can you provide an example of what would be classified as a natural / biological resource?

Examples of natural / biological resources include, but are not limited to natural gas and plant based fuels as well as natural water resources.