Evergy, Inc. All-Source RFP


Evergy, Inc. and its operating utility subsidiaries are issuing this Request for Proposals to solicit offers from interested parties with the intent of securing Proposals for generation and storage projects with a minimum size of 50 MW and a Commercial Operation Date on or before December 31, 2026. All projects must be able to connect with Evergy’s system within the Southwest Power Pool.  The RFP milestone schedule has been provided below.  Evergy's Integrated Resource Plan can be found here and updates can be found here.

Technology types that will be evaluated in this RFP include, but are not limited to: 


  • Wind 
  • Solar PV 
  • Stand-Alone Energy Storage Systems 
  • Energy Storage Systems partnered with any Generation Asset
  • Conventional gas fired generation resources like, Combined Cycles, Combustion Turbines, and Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines
  • Other Technologies


In accordance with Evergy’s goal of securing long-term generation capacity for its territory, Evergy will only consider Proposals that include a Build Transfer Agreement (BTA) or other structure that culminates in asset acquisition by Evergy.


Additionally, Evergy will consider Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) so long as the following criteria are met:


  • The PPA bid is submitted as an accompaniment to at least one valid bid of any structure listed above.
  • Initial term length may be of any duration but must include optionality for Evergy to extend duration to a minimum of 15 years.
  • The submittal meets all other criteria as provided within this RFP.


PPA offers that are submitted as a standalone bid will be rejected without further review.


Please submit documents on the ‘Submit Documents’ tab and direct all questions to the ‘Submit Questions’ tab. All other communication should be directed to evergy2023RFP@1898andco.com. Please do not contact Evergy or 1898 & Co. personnel directly. 


Pre-Bid Conference - Slides and Official Q&A



Proposal Evaluation Fee

For each proposed project site submitted by a Respondent, a non-refundable bid entry fee shall be paid. The fee for evaluating each Proposal for a generation facility is $5,000. This sum will serve to defray evaluation costs by Evergy and limit extraneous Proposals.  A single Proposal fee allows Respondent to offer both a BTA and an accompanying PPA for the same proposed resource. Please see the RFP document for additional details.


Proposal Fee payments will be made via ACH transfer. When Respondents are ready to submit payment, they should notify 1898 & Co. at evergy2023RFP@1898andco.com to facilitate the transfer.